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Grant and Brenda

"As the proud owner of 2 of Alex’s paintings we’re hooked! We cannot wait to get some more! It’s one of the things all of our friends comment on when they come round as the big one is rather colourful and it sparkles a lot!!!"


Kylie Barker

"Bought his work in 2016 and still proudly in my living room. His art is incredible, so many styles, beautiful colours, great eye for detail. I have always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe so when I saw this art piece at the Strand gallery London I wanted it there and then. When friends come round they always ask who is the artist as it stands out so well. Most beautiful art I have ever seen and I do go too many exhibitions. I do advice you to see his exhibitions and be blown away"




Kristo Tamm

“We have two paintings from Alex in our house. One of them we commissioned, and we were really happy with how much he surprised us with that painting. We knew what it would roughly look like, but even then he outdid our expectations, just amazing work. And the other one I saw in one of his art exhibitions and that painting just connected with me. Hes such a talented artist, and hes art exhibitions have a really special atmosphere because of the paintings and all the charity work Alex does. Cant say enough good things about the man and hes art.”



Pati Watson

“Alex is one of the best artists in the world right now. Believe me when I say that!!!! My husband and I went to his Art Exhibition at the Norfolk Royale in Bournemouth in 2013. We didn't know what to expect and thought it would be an average Art show, how shocked we were. It was a powerful exhibition, his first ever exhibition, and he had political prisoners at his show from events in Chile. Meeting his grandfather Leopoldo Osorio in person was a massive highlight and honour. His art was stunning!!!! I mean I loved every piece he had. However the Art piece that we decided go for just took me away like a dream. We even had a bidding war with another couple for the Art!!!! The flowing brush strokes and the use of oils in his art was breathtaking. Alex is an artist who fights for human rights but through his art is real beauty and a creative mind. We love our Art painting and will never let it go”



Caroline Osorio

“I have a very special piece of art work that gives me & my family so much joy to look at in our home. Im ever so proud to own it and will treasure it forever.

Alexander is more than a talented artist he is a passionate advocate for cases that are close to his heart and uses his voice through his art skills. Im very excited to see what his future holds.”




Nelly Irene Dakers

“I had to wait in the hope that no one had got there before me. I was thrilled when I attended from Spain to one of Alexander's exhibition in London. I bought it because it reflects tranquility peace and thoughts of wonderful days long gone in Scotland. On my eyes this is one of his best painting.”




Georgina Kokalidou

"We are the proud owner of one of Alex’s paintings. His work is at a different level and style change is simply brilliant. Will be wanting more art from him soon after this lockdown"



Lisa Derbyshire Rowan 

"This Artist is a wonderful soul well spoken man. We went to one of his exhibitions with the idea to see art -not to buy-. When we saw this painting our mouths dropped and the wallet came out. We fell in love with his work and have been following his progress around the world with exhibitions. This art piece is so colourful abstract beautiful work. We love it and can only say thank you Alex for this masterpiece. You are truly a brilliant artist and will be successful”


Lucy Still 

"A massive Thank you to Alex Dakers for painting Harry and Stanley so lifelike can thoroughly recommend to paint a family member pet loved one etc the attention to detail is phenomenal. I love this painting so much"



Wesley and Gareth

 “We had seen some of alex’s artwork at an exhibition and we really liked his style especially his portrait work !

We were delighted to have the oppotunity for Alex to do this piece for us using two different photos from our wedding to make the special portrait for us ! We love the portrait and the likeness is amazing ! We get a lot of positive comments from friends and family when they see it, the colours and tones tones he used are beautiful and help us fondly remember our special day ! Thanks Alex and for all the amazing charitable and awareness work you continue to do x”




Gerdie Pogoereve

"Was at Alex`s first Art Exhibition and bought this Art piece straight away before the exhibition had started. It was simply talking to me this Art as soon as I entered the exhibition. Fell in love with this painting💕💕 I couldn't take my eyes off it as was pop up art work with beautiful colours. Very experimental. I knew that was my painting so I bought it within 10 minutes of the Art exhibition starting. Alex is a fantastic artist with beautiful detail in his work and a wide range of textures. Highly recommend this artist 

-follow him and you will be addicted-❤️❤️💯"



Danielle Jane Tudge

“Love Bournemouth Love the beautiful pier Love the people wish could live there! Having been at many events in my time I was very surprised on a day out with family to see this artist exhibition. It was a free show and we decided to pop in and see the work. When inside we was hoping to see some work about Bournemouth and we found this piece which is now in our living room! Best thing we have ever bought, and to meet the artist as well was incredible. The colours, textures, details, and beauty was too much to explain in a few sentences. Definitely you need go and see his work its different class. I plan in future buy some more art from him as his work is so beautiful” 



Jonathan Medhus

“This Alex is the best man I know in ART I`ve seen his work many times and its for everyone! Feels like work of many artists! he can switch fast! I invested into this original piece by the great man. Its darkness but shows love! You must all see this mans work 👀




Jack Seeley 

“Having seen his work online I decided to purchase on a piece of his work. The Art I received was amazing and I am so proud to have met this man before in my life. It was sent to me from United Kingdom to Norway so very professionally done. This charcoal artwork was incredible to look at and has a sense of happiness. It proudly is in my working office for all my clients to see they love it as well. Highly recommend his work”




Trudy Louanne

Alex art work is the best I've seen and I love the fact his work has helped millions of people he has never met. Seeing his exhibition in London at the Strand I went along as liked his work and the fact he helps Amnesty International who I support as well. Seeing the work live is so much different experience than on a page on the net. Having been a fan of the movie JAWS as a kid, I was drawn to this amazing art piece. This is my favourite scene in the movie and its painted so well it's like a photo it's that good! painted with oils. It my proudest item at home. Get his art as soon as you can as will be worth a lot more in time



Francis Corkhill

Work he does is inspiring. He adds lots of dimension, depth with a huge impression. Imagination is incredible with construction of his work beautiful. My art I purchased off the man is full of sadness but so beautifully drawn. The smallest detail is perfect. Love his work


Jean Firth

I bought this painting at Alexander's exhibition in the Norfolk Royal in Bournemouth in 2013. My only problem as I wandered round the exhibition was deciding which painting to bid for. I was blown away by the wide variety of work Alexander had produced, there was such a range of styles, subjects, techniques and media. Since then Alexander has continued to produce outstanding work. The fact that he is so passionate about the charities he supports adds an extra dimension to his pictures. The painting I did eventually decide on can cheer me up on the gloomiest of days.


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