Art we wouldn't buy but Art we cant ignore

April 30, 2013

The art piece that I had on show for the recent exhibition at the Norfolk Royale Hotel called


"They are starving were not its time to share".


This art piece caused a lot of people sadness and thoughts, it was done by myself to show how lucky we are compared to others, it was never going to sell but I knew that, it was to make a point about life


Children and families die every day, and sponcering a child gives him/her a chance in life so do something amazing and help someone who really needs it. I did it before and sadly Joe past away, but I will join again and help a child who needs that hand.


Look at the art piece it shows the children looking for your help"


Thank you 


Alexander Dakers


Some facts below that you may not know



• One-in-six African children die before the age of five. Most of these deaths could be prevented. (source: Africa 2015)
• Nearly 2 million children under 14 years old are HIV positive. (source: UNICEF)
• 64% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have adequate sanitation. (source: UNICEF)
• Children account for half of all civilian casualties in wars in Africa. (source: Africa 2015)

A little help goes a long way
Just 75p a day makes such a big difference. Not just to your sponsored child, but also in your child’s community, improving the quality of life for everyone – now and into the future. Community based projects that help transform children’s lives include:


1. Child protection


2. Food security


3. Clean safe water


4. Healthcare


5. Education


6. Care for HIV and Aids

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