Sins of the World


I've just been to an amazing art exhibition at the Bournemouth International Centre. Alex Dakers is a local artist who uses his prolific talent to raise awareness about social justice issues and the work of Amnesty International. He also paints cityscapes, animals, people and landscapes.

Part of the current exhibition is a section called 'Sins Of The World'. It is incredibly confronting. I found it so interesting to watch people's reaction to those paintings. There's also a four part series entitled 'Remember 11th September 1973'. This is the date of the Chilean coup d'état, when armed forces overthrew Salvador Allende's government. Within a year Augusto Pinochet had risen to supreme power and went on a massive killing spree. 60,000 people were killed – mostly children. He just rounded them up in the street, took them away, and slaughtered them. When Margaret Thatcher came to power she has the opportunity to extradite Pinochet to Spain to face trial. But she did not. She sent him back to Chile where he lived out his life in luxury. Pinochet died refusing to reveal where the children's bodies were buried. To this day, 'Where are the children?' is a cry woven into the fabric of Chilean life.

Alex's exhibition is on until next Friday. His work is then going to the Tate Modern in London and also to Glasgow. This will be the last opportunity to see his work in Dorset for some time. Please go along and support this superb artist. He's not there all the time, but if you do happen to catch Alex at the exhibition, he is very open and interesting to talk to.

Photos are shared with the permission of the artist.


Teresa Bilowus 

Author/Producer at Voices From The Red Tent

September 3, 2017 

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